2018 Au Pair Essay Winners

It’s about that time of year, 2018 is coming to an end in the blink of an eye! This year, we held our 2018 Expert AuPair Essay Contest, where au pairs in all stages of their program submit an essay about their experiences. Here are our 3 winners (Click on the links below to read their full story).

Megan De Witt: My Life is Simply Richer and Brighter

I have experienced my first Thanksgiving, Halloween, and 4th of July. As a kid I distinctly remember watching movies where people all spend days planning their 4th of July celebration or have huge family gatherings with a turkey that can’t possibly fit into an oven on Thanksgiving, actually being here to experience these things first hand is so extraordinary… (read more)

Thais Souza: How My Au Pair Experience Has Changed My Life

I left my small town in Brazil to live the “American Dream”. I may sound cheesy, but I am living my American Dream exactly how I’ve dreamed of. Here I’m dealing with differences every day, I’m getting a better fluency in a different language, I’m growing up, traveling, falling and standing back up… (read more)

Sim Dau: The Best Time of My Life Happened in the US

America made me a different person. One thing I learned from
Americans are that “Be yourself, be who you are and don’t care about what other
people think about you”. The trip to America helped me develop my passion,
which is teaching English. After becoming better at English and really grasping
American culture, I am confident to teach English as a language and share things
with my students to inspire them… (read more)