Meet Our Staff

Expert AuPair’s diligent workers ensure to provide the best service possible and we’ve made it our mission to make sure both au pairs and host families have a positive experience.


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Mark G.

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed founding and building Expert AuPair over the last ten years.
     When I started the company, my aim was to increase the number of families and au pairs who could afford this most amazing experience.  We tried to keep prices low, and yet at the same time, we’ve managed to give personalized service.  To this day, I try to meet all our au pairs during training and to help them to begin to adjust to life in America — an adjustment I experienced myself when I was twenty.
     The most amazing part of the job is seeing au pairs use the exchange to develop skills and to grow.  I remember going myself to interview our first ever au pair in Guatemala City.  She was a timid but caring young woman from a very poor part of the country, and meeting her was a little comical — she was 4’10” tall, and I’m 6’7″.  While she didn’t grow physically, she left the U.S. so much more confident than when she came.  I saw an au pair earn a Master’s degree during her two years as an EduCare au pair.  Another au pair from Indonesia wrote a book about her experience, surely helping those who read the book to see the U.S. in a more real and more positive light.  And of course, I hear every week another story about how this amazing cultural exchange has made someone more confident, has helped them to go home to start a business, or has changed their life in a way nobody would have predicted.
     This is such a rewarding position, and I can’t wait to see our au pairs’ success stories over the next ten years.




Katie M.

Chief Operating Officer/Regional Representative

It is so hard to summarize in just a few words what my favorite part of working with Expert AuPair has been over the last few years. I enjoy the excitement when an au pair and host family have found their favorite match and again once the au pair writes to tell me “I got my visa!” The most rewarding part about working at Expert AuPair is watching the au pairs grow throughout their year: improving their English, becoming more self-aware and independent, meeting new friends, becoming a part of their host-family, exploring new places and trying new things! I look forward to welcoming you all to the Expert AuPair family during your training week and thank you all for making my job so much fun and for continuing to show me that the world isn’t such a big place after all.

Kathryn Brody

Kathryn B.

Administrative Assistant

I am excited to be working at Expert AuPair and learning more about the exciting au pair program! As someone who has studied and lived abroad in England, Brazil, and Colombia, I know firsthand that living in a new country can be hard; but, it is even more rewarding because of all the memories and relationships you create. I am looking forward to meeting and sharing my experiences with the au pairs during their training week; and cannot wait for all of the adventures I will have at Expert AuPair.

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Rachel M.

Operations and Programs Specialist/Regional Representative

I think my favorite part about working at Expert AuPair is the people: my coworkers, our host families, and especially our au pairs! Being able to help our au pairs grow and become a part of their new American community is a truly amazing experience. I also love that every day brings new challenges and successes. Every match is unique, so I am constantly learning about different cultures and family needs and developing the best way to support our au pairs throughout the visa process and their program year.


Vina A.

Compliance Coordinator/Regional Representative

Being a part of the Expert AuPair team is truly a blessing. Not only do I get to work alongside hardworking individuals, but I also get to work with host families and au pairs to help prepare them for their placements. I know that the process can sometimes be stressful; for host families who are hosting their first au pair, and for au pairs who are brave enough to take on a new challenge and move to a new country, so I’m happy to help them in every step of the way. I think my favorite part is meeting and interacting with the au pairs during training. It’s always nice to put a face to a name after working with them for weeks in preparation for their arrival. As a former exchange student in Poland, I understand firsthand the difficulty of adjusting to a new culture so I think it’s very important to discuss the stages of culture shock and homesickness with them.

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Melanie D.

Regional Representative

I am eager to be working at Expert AuPair! I have lived in Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska. Moving may not always be easy, but it can be an exciting and delightful time. I am ready to assist our host families and au pairs start this great experience to make lifelong memories.

Leslie Photo

Leslie A.

Au Pair Advisor

Working in Expert AuPair has been one of the greatest experiences I have had since I got to live in St. Pete, Florida. As a former Au Pair, I have been able to share experiences and help au pairs all around the world, to apply and be part of an amazing host family in the U.S.A. The agency not only provides our Au Pairs and Host families with the best service, but also, they care about their own interests and concerns, reason why I consider very gratifying and rewarding to have teamed up with such a strong organization. I’m looking forward to continuing performing at my best and welcoming new au pairs and host families to become a bigger Family.

Jessica R

Jessica R.

Placement Specialist

I have not had a dull moment since working at Expert AuPair!  Every day I have the opportunity to speak with people from all over the country and world, which is great since I suffer from wanderlust.  Since I work directly with host families, I also have the chance to see how amazing and multicultural the United States is.  Getting to know a host family’s needs and finding someone great for their family is like working on a different puzzle every day (and I love puzzles)!  Interacting with everyone in the office has been wonderful too since each coworker is kind and welcoming.  This is such a great agency to be involved with!