Our Au Pair Stories

Au pairs travel from all around the world to come to America. They come here with few packed bags and hunger for exploration and leave with much more. Below you can find a collection of stories from our amazing au pairs that we have accumulated over the years. Submit your story here for a chance to be featured!



Nikita Van Zyl: 3 Months In

From language difference to living as an American, it is all amazing to see the wide difference there is. This country is so diverse and I love it!! I have fallen in love with the country so far, even though I haven’t really traveled much, yet… (read more)




Sarah Paynter: Au Pair Experience

My host family has taken me under their wing and treated me like I’m a key family member from the start, for this, I am so grateful and wouldn’t exchange this experience for a million dollars. The past year has been priceless to me I’m so excited to see what 2018 has install for us… (read more)





Jessica’s Au Pair Experience

The dream of speaking English and getting to know another country and a new culture, and when I was looking at types of exchange program I identified with the format of the Au pair program and saw there a great opportunity to find new ways… (read more)





Garazi Alkorta: Life-Changing Experience

The fact of being more than 5000 miles away from home for a year, on my own, living and sharing experiences with strangers sounded like a scary idea when I decided to start this journey called the au-pair experience. Let’s jump into the car and travel through this –not always so easy– road that turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life… (read more)





Jacqueline Busse: Au Pair From September 2012 until April 2014

Waking up every morning with three little triplet boys hugging and asking me with an angel voice: “Can we play now Jacqueline? Please!”  This is how my day started with a big smile in my face, each and every day, for a year and a half… (read more)



Despina F: Au Pair from 2014-2016

Let’s clear this out: I am not a morning person. Waking up in the morning it has always been pretty hard for me. Especially when it is 6:30 am… especially when it is Christmas morning, which means my day off… Especially when the night before I slept at 2 am because we had a long Christmas Eve dinner.. Especially when you are in your 20s and you have no children, like me! So, what did it force me to leave my comfy bed before even the sun rises in a day like this? It isn’t a job. It isn’t a duty… (read more)




Tisha Romanesco: Fighting Tears

It’s early in the morning, at Amsterdam International Airport, and what a surprise, my grandparents, both in their eighties, made it to come and say goodbye. I’m watching the minutes ticking away on the huge clock at the departure area, its almost time to say goodbye, and I’m desperately fighting back my tears. I know, that once I give everyone a last hug, and clear security and customs, it’ll feel as a relief. My big adventure, being a Au pair in the United States has begun. First stop will be Tampa Florida, where some relatives will pick me up, so I can spend the weekend at the beach and sleep away my jetlag. ‘Meet the World’ could be the slogan for the week of training at Expert AuPair… (read more)




Georgia Groome: My Year As An Au Pair

Walking through passport control at JFK Airport, to begin my year as an au pair, I remember thinking, “What if I am making a mistake? What if I should’ve stayed at home and found a “proper” job?” What I did not know then, that I know now, is that my decision to spend a year in New York City, was probably one of the most important decisions that I could’ve made… (read more)





Kim Beckers: When A Dutch Girl Goes To The United States

Once upon a time there was a Dutch woman who graduated college in 2014 and proudly received her degree ‘Bachelor of Social Work’. Happy, motivated and excited she went to explore the opportunities that would be there for her. However: no jobs available. She started looking for other opportunities. Maybe abroad? Entertainer on a cruiseship in Spain? Sounds nice, but what difference will it really make on her resume? She started rethinking working and studying in the U.S. And that’s where it all started… (read more)



Charlotte Delafoye: Essay About My Au Pair Experience

I believe that there is no perfect way to summarize au pair experience.  This varies from one person to another. But one thing is for certain: you will go through a range of emotions before, during and after your year as an au pair… (read more)



Isabel Molzen: The 10 Year Anniversary Competition

My name is Isa and i would love to share my Aupair Story. I started as an Aupair a year ago. I had always wanted to travel to different places, meet new people and improve my English in an English speaking country. To become an Aupair seemed to me like the perfect opportunity to do all these things and combine it with the wonderful and intersting job of taking care of children… (read more)



Valeria Sepulveda: My Au Pair Experience 2016

It’s hard to describe this crazy experience in less than 550 word but I’ll start with introducing my self, my name is Valeria, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Mexico. So far I’ve been with my host family for 7 months and I can say this has been the greatest year of my life. I’ve had so much fun, I’ve been traveling a little, and really enjoying my time living in a different culture I also love getting to know my host family and all the stories they have to tell… (read more)



Sara Zinser: The Stars and Striped Dream

For as long as I can remember, it had always been my dream to one day live in the USA. I had watched the New York skyscrapers sparkle on TV and starlets sashaying up and down Hollywood Boulevard. I had imagined myself in an American family. I knew that home was where my heart was, so for me home was a stars and striped dream. Until one day this dream came true… (read more)



Saskia Le Peissker: Essay Expert AuPair

After being an au pair for one and a half years, the most exciting question you could ask me is:

‘What did you do after high school?’ Whoever asks this, opened a can of mesmerizing and fun memories I’m excited to share especially how it has impacted my life.

I’m Saskia Le Peißker, 25 years old and it all begun in summer 2013. It hit me like a lightning – (read more)




Hirazumi Torres Konishi: My Au Pair Experience in the United States of America

I am Hirazumi Torres Konishi, I am 25 years old. I studied Business Administration in Hospitality, I am Mexican and I am from Rioverde S.L.P. Mexico. I want to share you my experience working as an au pair in United States of America… (read more)