Au Pairs FAQs After Arrival/Program

-After Arrival to Host Family-


What happens if I am not getting along with my host family?

It’s obviously better to get along well with your host family, and the most important thing you can do is to communicate clearly with the family, for example by having regular meetings to talk about how the kids are doing.

Sometimes, things don’t work even though communication is good. Please call your local representative. She will be able to mediate. If you still are unhappy, you can give your family notice that you are leaving. You will normally get two weeks room and board and then we may choose to rematch you a further two weeks (accommodation for the second two weeks would be at your expense). This will give you four weeks in total to find a new family.

We do expect you to be flexible. You should expect to have to move to a different state if you rematch. However, every au pair who makes a concerted attempt to rematch, gets several job offers.

Can I extend my stay my stay after the first year if I want to?

Yes, you can. You need to have finished your education, and your family will need to pay a new (reduced) fee for the second year.

How do I get my Social Security number? 

Visit your local Social Security Administration office. We provide instructions in training that explain which documents you need to take.

How do I get my US driver’s license?

This varies depending on the state in which your host family lives, but you normally need a Social Security Number, and you have to take a written test, an eye test, and a simple practical driving test.

-After Program Completion-


How can I get my flight home? 

Once you have finished your education, 60 days before you fly, you can send a flight request. We will fly you within two days of your preferred flight, and from any airport in the continental United States.

Can I have my 30 days to travel around the United States?

Yes, and not only do you have this time, but you can take two checked bags on your flight home, and you can fly from a different airport from your family’s city. Just ask!

Will I have my insurance during my 30 days?

Insurance is not provided after you stop working for your host family, but we can extend your insurance. The current cost is only $2.50 per day.