Host Family Letters

A few letters our au pairs’ host families wrote to help with the contest. Click on the links to read them 🙂

Georgia Groome’s HF: Letter from Host Mother

We met Georgie Groome in June of 2014 when she arrived to Au Pair for our family. We were relatively new to the Au Pairing world so didn’t have a lot of experience to go on… But we knew what our family needed in an Au Pair and what we could offer an Au Pair… (read more)

Kim Becker’s HF: Au Pair of the Year

We were blessed when Kim joined our busy family in September 2015. Her good cheer and skills have benefited our whole family. Two of our three boys have autism and the third has attention deficit, so there aren’t many dull moments in our household… (read more)


Isabel Molzen’s HF: We’ve been with you for 6, and we’re happy to tell you why.

Isabel Molzen, our current au pair, is the first to extend a second year.  This is due in large part to my husband’s and my belief that she is growing as a person here in Colorado.  She already completed her difficult high school exams AND a three year apprenticeship in accounting before she came to the U.S.  Her options for career and school are set in her home country, and she is not escaping by being an au pair… (read more)

Saskia Le Peissker’s HF: Letter

When Saskia first arrived in California, she was originally working for another family in our neighborhood. I met her the first time when I was playing soccer with a few of the neighborhood children, and she was out for a walk with her new American children. I invited her to participate in the soccer game, and without hesitation she and the children jumped right in… (read more)

Hirazumi Torres Konishi’s HF: Letter

It is a pleasure to inform you about our wonderful experience with our Au pair, Hirazumi… (read more)