Training week


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Au pairs are traveling and arriving in Tampa.


Many of the au pairs travel to Tampa late on Sunday, so Monday is a laid back training day.  The au pair trainer meets the au pairs at their hotel mid-morning and they begin their day by visiting the local library and participating in pre-literacy childcare activities. They then visit a local supermarket and pharmacy.  They spend some time talking about differences in shopping, items on the shelves, pricing, etc.  Afterwards, they will go to the Expert AuPair office and spend some time getting to know each other! They then met with Vina to learn about the influence of cultures on children, as well as what culture shock might look like for them during their au pair year.


The focus is all on the infant stage today.  We talk about their physical development, care and safety.  We have hands on practice with making bottles and changing diapers, learn how to soothe and calm babies, and how to keep them safe. We have them have a informative discussion with Katie about their upcoming au pair year and and what they should expect, as well as go over there departure folders with them. We also take some time to visit a local library and have a tour by a librarian, giving the au pairs tips on activities and books for children!


We put the focus on toddlers and preschoolers.  We talk about their development, personalities, how to build a good relationship with them, and the activities best suited for their host childrens age group.  The au pairs will finish up the day learning about school age children with a local schoolteacher. There they get a better understanding of what their host children are learning and how they can help them with school and homework.


The au pairs start the day learning about teens and the puberty stage. We talk about issues facing older children and how best to connect with them.  In the afternoon we go over many safety subjects; in the home, kitchen, bathroom, water, allergies, illnesses, injuries, etc.  We spend time going over car seat instructions, laws, and which car seats are correct by ages.  The au pairs also have the opportunity to practice installing car seats in a vehicle.  The au pairs will complete their training by attending a CPR and First Aid course at the local fire department in order to earn their CPR certification.


The au pairs have completed their week of training, received their certificate and will arrive to their host families on Friday.